Cybersecurity by Design - BIOTRONIK Implant Systems

Designing Resilient Products for Daily Use

We never compromise on safety—it is and will remain our number one priority. We invest the time and resources necessary to ensure that every product we bring to market is one we can stand by confidently—and cybersecurity is no exception.

As the company that pioneered remote monitoring, we have taken this responsibility seriously since 2001. Cybersecurity is integrated into BIOTRONIK’s quality management system and all relevant business processes and considered at every step of the product life cycle.

The Cybersecurity Process

BIOTRONIK’s cybersecurity management process is carefully designed to identify and control cybersecurity risks in our products and the remote monitoring system continuously over the complete product lifecycle. We analyze new cybersecurity signals to identify potential relationships to BIOTRONIK products. Please also see our separate section “Recent News” for further information on recent cybersecurity information.

Information Security

BIOTRONIK operates the Home Monitoring system using an information security management system that is certified according to the international norm ISO / IEC 27001: 2013. This standard in information security management is the framework that guides BIOTRONIK in identifying, analyzing and addressing information risks. It also specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing and maintaining an information system. Furthermore, it ensures security measures are constantly adapted in response to the changing cybersecurity landscape.

BIOTRONIK has proven to an internationally acknowledged standardization body that BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring verifiably and professionally protects the availability of the service itself, its integrity as well as the privacy of all data in the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® system.

Furthermore, all BIOTRONIK cybersecurity-relevant products have been appropriately analyzed for all known patient safety risks related to cyberattacks, allowing us to stand by the cybersecurity of our products in daily use.

Internal and independent external investigations also confirm the high standard of resilience against cyberattacks.

Questions or Concerns About BIOTRONIK´s Cybersecurity?

If you have concerns about our cybersecurity measurements or have questions for a BIOTRONIK cybersecurity expert, please contact us.