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Barbara Hanson
Barbara Hanson

Barbara Hanson

“My kids are happy to know that there is a monitoring system.”

Barbara Hanson (74)

How it all began

Barbara from Mansfield, Texas, USA, has always led an active and carefree life. She is family-oriented, and her eight grandchildren keep her on her toes. This made it all the more worrying when one day her heart suddenly missed a few beats and she repeatedly fell to the ground. Her physician diagnosed her with a slow heart rate, referred to in medical terms as bradycardia. She received a pacemaker implant a short time later. “Together with the surgery, I feared that I would have to significantly restrict my daily activities, could never travel again and would no longer be able to visit my grandchildren.”


Feeling safe even while traveling – with BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring

Thanks to BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring, she is able to feel safe and secure around the clock, even while on holiday. “I can take my CardioMessenger with me anywhere. It automatically transmits device and health data to my physician, so I always remain mobile – and that’s very important to me.”

Barbaras daily life

Barbara's daily life

Safe MRIs, even with an implanted device

The pacemaker Barbara received in 2014 has another critical advantage in addition to Home Monitoring—it is MRI conditional. The 74-year-old can therefore undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans even though she has an implanted device. This diagnostic tool is essential, for example, for early detection of suspected cases of Alzheimer’s disease, various cancers and stroke. Barbara’s family is relieved as well that she is back on her feet thanks to her pacemaker with Home Monitoring and ProMRI.

See more about her story in this video.

Barbara's Story

BIOTRONIK ProMRI pacemaker puts Barbara back on her feet

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