Vascular Intervention // Peripheral
PTA Balloon Catheter/0.035”/OTW


     Low profile and wide range of sizes

     Enhanced crossability

     Puncture resistant

Low profile, wide range of sizes

Passeo-35 features a low profile design for 5F and 6F sheath compatibility, a wide range of balloon diameters (3.0-10.0 mm) and lengths of up to 200 mm.

Catheter 80, 90 and 130 cm


Puncture resistant balloon material

A robust balloon that provides effective dilation for more calcified lesions.





Patchwork coating for enhanced crossability

Low, controlled compliance for predictable radial balloon expansion to minimize the risk of dissection.






Shaft design

5F shaft for uncompromised flush capability and angiographic quality.









Indicated to dilate stenosis in the renal, iliac1, femoral, popliteal and infrapopliteal arteries and for the treatment of obstructive lesions of native or synthetic arteriovenous dialysis fistulae.


Technical Data

Balloon Catheter
Catheter type OTW
Recommended guide wire 0.035"
Tip Soft, short, tapered, colored
Balloon material SCP (semi-crystalline polymer), controlled compliance
Balloon folding 5-fold
Balloon coating Hydrophobic patchwork coating
Balloon markers 2 swaged markers
Sizes ø 3.0 - 10.0 mm; L: 20 - 200 mm
Shaft 5 F, hydrophobic coating, dual-lumen
Usable length 80, 90 and 130 cm
Guide wire lumen Hydrophobic coating

Compliance Chart

Balloon Diameter x Length (mm)
Nominal Pressureatm277777777777777
(NP)ø (mm)
Rated Burst Pressureatm22020201816161616141414121211
(RBP)ø (mm)

Ordering Information

3.0 (5F)359545359547---
4.0 (5F)359546359548---
5.0 (5F)357282357288357294357294357302
6.0 (5F)357283357289357295357299357303
7.0 (5F)357284357290357296357300357304
8.0 (6F)357285357291357297357301357305
9.0 (6F)357286357292---
10.0 (6F)357287357293---
3.0 (5F)3832313832353832393832433897753897764387162
4.0 (5F)3832323832363832403832443832483832524383256
5.0 (5F) - - -3832453832493832534383257
6.0 (5F) - - -3832463832503832544383258
7.0 (5F) - - -3832473832513832554383259
8.0 (6F) - - -----
9.0 (6F)383233383237-----
10.0 (6F)383234383238-----
3.0 (5F)359549359551383264383268383272383276389777389778387163
4.0 (5F)359550359552383265383269383273383277383281383285383289
5.0 (5F)357306357310357314357318357322383278383282383286383290
6.0 (5F)357307357311357315357319357323383279383283383287383291
7.0 (5F)357308357312357316357320357324383280383284383288383292
8.0 (6F)357309357313357317357321357325----
9.0 (6F)383260383262383266383270-----
10.0 (6F)383261383263383267383271-----

1 Australia: not TGA approved for use within the renal and common iliac arteries.