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Support Groups and Sport Groups

Here are some links to various support groups in the UK & Ireland for cardiac patients.

Support Group

The British Heart Foundation is a great source of information for all cardiology patients  Click Here

Support for patients with any kind of arrhythmia, fund raising, patient events and helplines for any heart rhythm patient: Click Here

Pumping Marvellous is a UK organisation setup to support patients with Heart Failure : Click Here

The Atrial Fibrillation Association (AFA) is part of the heart rhythm alliance umbrella of charities to support, inform and educate patients with AF : Click Here

The STARS charity is part of the Arrhythmia Alliance group, focused on supporting patients with syncope and reflex anoxic seizures .: Click Here

Stroke: For patients or families affected by a stroke, further support can be found here:  See an example of a patient diary here

Sports Groups

Heart Sports Groups Patients with cardiovascular disease can get involved in the “heart sports group” in there region where experienced trainers and doctors are available to offer help with exercise and nutritional advice to reduce cardiovascular risks. Click Here

Vascular Sports Groups Vascular sports groups also offer expert guidance to cardiac patients who want to get active. However, these groups are not as multiple in number as heart sports groups so PAD patients might prefer opting for a heart sports group instead. Click Here