Vascular Intervention // Peripheral
Reinforced Introducer Sheath System



   Excellent kink and deformation resistance

   Easy insertion

   Superb radiopacity

Excellent kink and
deformation resistance




Coil reinforced sheath

The polymer embedded stainless steel coil shaft provides flexibility and excellent kink and deformation resistance.






PTFE liner

The non-ovaling characteristic combined with its friction lowering PTFE liner enables devices to easily pass through tight anatomical curves.

Easy insertion






Smooth tapered sheath and dilator tip

The sheath and dilator have a smooth tapered tip and an atraumatic tip design for ease of insertion.






Hydrophobic coated sheath1

Best in class insertion performance2 due to the hydrophobic sheath coating in combination with the smooth tapered sheath and dilator tip.





Superb radiopacity


Radiopaque sheath marker

The platinum alloy marker band provides superb tip radiopacity under fluoroscopic imaging.3






Indicated to provide access into the femoral, popliteal and infrapopliteal arteries.*

Technical Data

Fortress Introducer Sheath
French size
4F, 5F and 6F
45 and 100 cm
Sheath material
Stainless steel coil reinforced polymer, PTFE liner
Sheath tip
Smooth taper with radiopaque marker band located 3-5 mm from the sheath tip
Sheath shape
Pre-curved 45 cm
Straight 45 and 100 cm
45 and 100 cm
Sheath coating
Hydrophobic, distal 30 cm (5F and 6F only)
Recommended guide wire 0.035"
Tip Smooth taper with radiopaque filler material
Pre-curved and straight
4F: fixed hemostatic valve
5F, 6F: removable hemostatic valve
Side-arm with color coded 3-way stop cock

Ordering Information

45 (4F)CurvedCrossover358813Curved/Straight5
45 (4F)StraightStraight-45 358814Curved/Straight5
100 (4F)StraightStraight-100358815Curved/Straight5
45 (5F)Curved Crossover386590Straight5
45 (5F)StraightStraight-45386591Straight5
100 (5F)StraightStraight-100386592Curved/Straight5
45 (6F)Curved Crossover386593Straight5
45 (6F)StraightStraight-45386594Straight5
100 (6F)StraightStraight-100386595Curved/Straight5



1 5F and 6F sheath;

2 BIOTRONIK data on file;

3 BIOTRONIK data on file.
*Indication as per IFU.