Hoofd Junior Human Resources

Team Lead HR Projects, Processes & Reporting

Team Lead HR Projects, Processes & Reporting

Claudia (at BIOTRONIK since 2005)

I began my career at BIOTRONIK at the age of 19. After high school, I decided to pursue a “cooperative education” program, a combination of vocational training and academic study. I studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin while working at BIOTRONIK for three years, which allowed me to gain valuable and practical work experience. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a specialization in Industry.

During the practical phases of my internship, I learned much about BIOTRONIK and the various activities of its departments. I started in Customer Sales Support, Purchasing, and Pacemaker Production Planning. After that, I moved to Human Resources, followed by the Treasury department.

In the summer of 2007, I had the great opportunity to work for the BIOTRONIK France subsidiary in Paris, where I worked on various projects in various departments. I discovered my fascination for the combination of HR issues and IT expertise. I finished my studies in September 2008 and started my job in the Human Resources Controlling department. Some people may think Human Resources Controllers are just creative bean counters, but I find it very interesting, that a combination of lateral thinking and precision along with a significant knowledge of organizational structure and management is also required.

For me, BIOTRONIK is an innovative company that offers a variety of opportunities to develop oneself. I am fascinated by our products and the fact that they help to improve patients’ quality of life. And the thing I appreciate most about BIOTRONIK is the personal contact and the good atmosphere.