Ilivia Neo 7 VR-T/VR-T DX/DR-T

Ilivia 7 VR-T ICD
Ilivia 7 VR-T
Ilivia 7 VR-T ICD
Ilivia 7 VR-T

Ilivia Neo 7 VR-T/ VR-T DX/ DR-T


For more than 50 years, BIOTRONIK has consistently demonstrated innovation and excellent quality within all of its components. Excellence is at the heart of our mission, continuing to inspire us in perfecting lifelong protection for ICD patients.

  • Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS)
  • AV Opt
  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®
  • Heart Failure Monitor
  • QuickCheck
  • ProMRI1
  • MRI AutoDetect
  • ShockReduct
  • MorphMatch
  • Capture control (RA, RV)
  • Automatic atrial therapy

Physician and nurse are looking at the patient status on the HMSC

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring is a remote monitoring service available with cardiac monitors, pacemakers, implantable defibrillators (ICDs) and cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) systems. Home Monitoring allows physicians to continuously and reliably survey patients’ device and physiological condition, and alerts responsible healthcare staff of acute health changes within 24 hours. Click Here for more information



ProMRI technology offers patients safe access to MRIs under certain conditions.
Click Here for more information

MRI AutoDetect

MRI AutoDetect

MRI AutoDetect minimizes the time in MRI mode to the duration of the scan itself, ensuring optimal pacing and tachycardia therapy directly before and after MRI scan. Detection of the MR environment and automatic activation of the MRI mode eliminate additional programming, save time and increase efficiency. Click Here for more information

Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS)

Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS)

CLS is a unique physiological rate-adaptive technology. The feature is able to determine the appropriate heart rate response during episodes of physical and emotional stress. Click Here for more information



1 For combination of MR conditional devices, please see the "ProMRI MR conditional device systems" manual