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Aspiration Catheter

Geïndiceerd voor het centrale en perifere circulatiesysteem, inclusief saphena venen grafts.


Vascular Intervention Coronary CVI Accessories

Product Highlights


Large inner diameter

Enables extraction of larger thrombotic particles¹


Extra large 60 ml locking syringe

Allows for longer aspiration time¹


Hydrophilic coating

 For optimal trackability¹

Technical Data

Aspiration catheter 3Flow 6F
Outer diameter (dist./mid/prox.) 0.067”/0.067”/0.051”
Guide catheter min. inner diameter 0.071” (1.80 mm)
Usable length 145 cm
Proximal shaft PEEK
Distal shaft SCP (Semi Crystalline Polymer)
Coating (distal 25 cm) Hydrophilic
Distal marker band Platinum-iridium, 3 mm from tip

Ordering Information

Catalogue number Size
387456 6F

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a. Indication as per IFU

1.  Arthesys data on File.

3Flow is a trademark of the BIOTRONIK Group of Companies.

Manufactured by Arthesys and distributed by BIOTRONIK in selected countries.