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    Evity 8 DR T
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    Evity 8 SR T
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    Evity 8 DR-T + Solia S
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    Evity 8 SR T  Solia S

Evity 8 DR-T/SR-T


Small, Enduring, Complete, Smart — Evity 8 pacemakers combine small size with a complete suite of tools for comprehensive diagnostics, powerful bradycardia therapy and facilitated handling — yielding long-lasting wireless devices that support efficient MRI access, timesaving remote monitoring and unique physiological rate adaptation.


Pacemaker Bradycardia

Product Highlights


Small Size

Smaller, lighter, shorter — with only 10 cc in volume, 20.8 g of weight and 48 mm length1, Evity pacemakers are among the smallest full-feature pacemakers in the market


Simplifying MRI Access

MRI AutoDetect — For less programming and less time in MRI mode, ensuring optimal therapy and simplified workflows


Supporting Physiological Pacing

Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS) — Unique physiological rate-adaptive technology, able to determine the appropriate heart rate response during episodes of physical and emotional stress

Product Detials

Excellent Longevity

Bringing Small Size and Excellent Longevity together — Evity pacemakers’ small size does not compromise battery lifetime — providing outstanding longevity
Extended Battery Life

Capture Control — Improves patient safety and extends device longevity by automatically adjusting the pacing amplitudes
Enabling Efficient MRI Access

ProMRI® — Approved for full-body MRI
Event Notification within 24h

Event-triggered IEGM transmissions — Enable prompt evaluations for fast and better-informed therapy decisions
Saving Valuable Time

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® — The most reliable remote monitoring system. Saving time to detection, follow-up time, hospitalization time, and even battery lifetime2,3,4
Longterm Surveillance of System Status

TrendView — Displays the electrical trends of the channels over the last 240 days, allowing the user to check the system's stability over time
Promoting Intrinsic Rhythm

Vp Suppression — Reducing unnecessary pacing by following the natural rhythm and promoting the underlying intrinsic rhythm with on-demand ventricular pacing
Monitor HF Status

Heart Failure Monitor — Comprehensive set of parameters to continuously evaluate patients’ heart failure status
Wandless Communication

RF telemetry for wandless, time-saving and reliable data transmission at implantation and follow-up
Simplified programming

EasyAV – Facilitates the programming of optimal AV timing
Easy handling

Auto-Initialization – Activates essential pacemaker functions and follow-up data within 10 minutes


MRI AutoDetect
Closed Loop Stimulation

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1. Evity 8 single-chamber pacemaker ; Evity 8 dual-chamber pacemaker is only 11 cc in volume, weighing 23.2 g; 2. Mabo P. et al. A Randomized Trial of Long-Term Remote Monitoring of Pacemaker Recipients (The COMPAS Trial). European Heart Journal 2011; doi: 10.1093/eurheartj/ehr419.; 3. Ricci RP et al. Heart Rhythm. 2015 Feb; 12(2):330–7. Effect of daily remote monitoring on pacemaker longevity: a retrospective analysis. A retrospective analysis of 201 patients prolonged average longevity from 60.4 to 71.1 months—11 months of longevity gained on average.; 4. Varma et al. Evaluation of efficacy and safety of remote monitoring for ICD follow-up: The TRUST trail; Circulation 2008; 118:22;p.2316; Abstract 4078.