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Solia S, T/JT

Solia pacing leads comprise a complete portfolio of MR conditional active and passive pacing leads, allowing clinicians freedom of choice without compromising patient safety.

With its 5.6 F thin and highly reliable lead body, Solia S stylet-driven leads can also be used together with Selectra 3D catheters (53 cm and 60 cm length models) providing more flexibility during the implantation process. 


Lead Bradycardia

Product Highlights


Thin and Highly Flexible Lead Design for Excellent Handling and Fixation

  • The thin and highly flexible 5.6 F diameter silicone lead body with proven outer insulation thickness and polyurethane cover provides excellent handling during implantation and ensures uncompromised safety
  • Highly flexible tip design with advanced fixation mechanisms facilitates controlled lead fixation


Optimal Sensing and Low Thresholds

  • Original BIOTRONIK fractal coating enlarges the bioeffective surface area for improved pacing and sensing
  • Steroid elution ensures low energy-saving thresholds and optimal sensing

MR Conditional Pacing Leads

  • Significantly minimizes lead heating
  • Gives pacemaker patients greater access to safe MRI procedures

Product Details

Solia S, with its proven lead design, is safe and efficient for physiological pacing such as His-bundle pacing (HBP)

Solia S Leads (S 53, S 60)

  • Standard, stylet-driven approach facilitates implantation technique
  • Stylet support allows for a customized implant approach


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