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    Intica Neo 7 HF-T

Intica Neo 7 HF-T QP/HF-T


For more than 50 years, BIOTRONIK has consistently demonstrated innovation and excellent quality within all of its components. Excellence is at the heart of our mission, continuing to inspire us in perfecting lifelong protection for ICD patients.



Product Highlights

Continuous CRT Optimization

Continuous CRT Optimization

Every minute, CRT AutoAdapt automatically adjusts to changes in the patient’s condition, thus providing continuous CRT adaptation and allowing for more personalized response.

DX Technology

DX Technology

The world's only atrial sensing technology that provides atrial diagnostics without an atrial lead — now offers its benefits to CRT patients

Product Details

  • Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS)
  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®
  • Heart Failure Monitor
  • QuickCheck
  • ProMRI1
  • MRI AutoDetect
  • ShockReduct
  • Capture control (RA, RV, LV)
  • Automatic atrial therapy

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1. For combination of MR conditional devices, please see the "ProMRI MR conditional device systems" manual