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    AlCath G FullCircle

AlCath G FullCircle

4 mm Non-irrigated GoldTip Ablation catheter

The AlCath G FullCircle catheter is availble in various curve sizes with FullCircle (> 180°) deflection. This ensures effective and safe ablations of various cardiac arrhythmias.


Ablation Therapy Non-irrigated Ablation Catheters GoldTip

Product Highlights

Icon Full Circle

FullCircle Deflection

Deflectability beyond 180 degrees through FullCircle deflection

Icon Handling


Precise positioning through push-pull steering incl. AutoLock

Icon GoldTip Ablation

GoldTip Ablation

GoldTip Ablation results in 33% faster lesions compared to conventional platinum-irridium catheters

Technical Data

Curve Type Red, blue, green, black, cyan
Electrode spacing 2-5-2 mm
Effective catheter length 110 cm 
Shaft diameter 7 F
Curve shape Steerable - FullCircle
Tip electrode type Non-irrigated
Electrode material Gold (Au)


Ordering Information

Model Tip Curve Spacing Shaft Diameter Length Order Number
AlCath Red TC G FullCircle 4 mm Red 2-5-2 mm 7 F 110 cm 364 537
AlCath Blue TC G FullCircle 4 mm Blue 2-5-2 mm 7 F 110 cm 364 525
AlCath Green TC G FullCircle 4 mm Green 2-5-2 mm 7 F 110 cm 364 533
AlCath Black TC G FullCircle 4 mm Black 2-5-2 mm 7 F 110 cm 364 522
AlCath Cyan TC G FullCircle 4 mm Cyan 2-5-2 mm 7 F 110 cm 364 529


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