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    Renamic Neo
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    Renamic Neo
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    Renamic Neo
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    Renamic Neo

Renamic Neo

The Neo Connectivity

The Renamic Neo programmer offers complete connectivity and a long battery runtime to enable mobile use and workflow flexibility. Due to its compact design, on-board PSA, SafeSync telemetry and an integrated compartment, Renamic Neo is convenient to handle during clinical practice.


Programmers and external devices

Product Highlights

Connected Renamic Neo Icon 95


Complete wireless connectivity plus Ethernet and USB

Renamic Neo Integrated 95


ReportShare and EHR export for paperless environment and remote consultation1

Renamic Neo Flexible 95


Mobile use and workflow flexibility supported by long battery runtime

Renamic Neo Connected 150


Renamic Neo offers complete wireless connectivity plus Ethernet and USB.

  • In addition to Ethernet and USB interfaces, Renamic Neo connects wirelessly to the Internet via cellular networks or Wi-Fi, providing various data export functions
Renamic Neo Integrated 150


ReportShare and EHR export facilitate paperless environment and remote consultation.1

  • The state-of-the-art features give users freedom to export programmer data to the hospital electronic health record (EHR) system or digitally share the device interrogation report for remote medical consultation

Renamic Neo Flexible 150


Mobile use and workflow flexibility are supported by long battery runtime.

  • The three-hour battery runtime and the wireless connectivity interfaces of Renamic Neo support dynamic clinical environments and workflows


Real Support In Real Time

LiveSupport with the Renamic Neo programmer is a new way to receive real-time, remote support from your known, experienced BIOTRONIK team — enabling you to swiftly exchange information and optimize individual patient therapy. The unique LiveSupport mobile data option, in addition to Wi-Fi or Ethernet, helps ensure a stable connection wherever you are. With LiveSupport, you and BIOTRONIK are linked to become a productive, dynamic team, able to quickly respond to the challenges you face every day.

Share Your Programmer Screen Via LiveView

Call your BIOTRONIK expert and share your programmer screen remotely, so they can see the programmer screen via LiveView. This allows you to discuss diagnostics and therapy options with your experienced BIOTRONIK expert over the phone.

  • All details of the monitor, such as real-time electrocardiograms (ECGs), settings and diagnostics, are shared
  • Your BIOTRONIK product expert will be able to use a cursor to highlight detailed aspects on the screen

Share Your Programmer Control Via LiveControl

You can also share control of the programmer with your BIOTRONIK expert via LiveControl. They can now see the programmer screen, give you advice over the phone and operate the programmer directly while you keep full control. The BIOTRONIK expert has programmer control to:

  • Navigate through the programmer screens
  • Initiate measurements and optimize settings*
  • Program settings*

You can easily stop remote control at any time.

* Caution: The following features may induce an unintended arrhythmia and must not be used during a LiveControl session: DFT test (VT/VF induction, including HF burst and Shock on T) EPE/ATP Intrinsic rhythm test, Manual shock, Manual threshold test, NIPS/rapid pacing, PSA

When Immediate Support Is Required

BIOTRONIK devices allow optimization of settings to specific individual patient needs, which may trigger detailed questions

Using LiveSupport, the BIOTRONIK product expert can remotely:

  • Guide you through the detailed setting options
  • Discuss optimal solutions
  • Show specifics in data management, storage and diagnostics

Rescheduling a Patient Appointment? No Problem

Sudden changes in patient planning may occur. New appointments can more easily be made because remote support is available as a backup using LiveSupport

  • Ensures support is available when planning changes
  • Offers more flexibility to reschedule patient appointments
  • Allows for optimal use of on-site support

Location Is No Longer a Barrier

Having to wait is sometimes not an option. Remotely located hospitals now have the flexibility to receive expert support remotely via LiveSupport

  • Distance training on programmer-related topics
  • Remote coaching of less experienced staff
  • Programmer training of specific features in new products


Instruction video for the new BIOTRONIK programming device “Renamic Neo”

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