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    Inlexa 3 HF-T QP
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    Inlexa 3 HF-T

Inlexa 3 HF-T QP/HF-T

360° CRT

BIOTRONIK CRT-D systems offer all the options needed for implantation and therapy optimization. Plus superior solutions to provide a truly unique patient care.
For optimal support along the CRT healthcare journey, the Inlexa 3 CRT-D series offers LV VectorOpt and BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®.



Product Highlights

LV VectorOpt

LV VectorOpt

LV VectorOpt including RV-LV conduction time simplifies the process to select the right LV pacing vector

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BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring offers outstanding clinical results by being able to reduce mortality in CRT-D patients by more than 50% 

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DX Technology

the world’s only atrial sensing technology that provides atrial diagnostics without an atrial lead — now offers its benefits to CRT patients

Product Details

Increasing CRT Response
Simplify your process to select the right pacing vector with LV VectorOpt and fight non-response with only limited impact on battery with MultiPole Pacing (MPP)

Avoiding Inappropriate Shocks
More protection, more peace of mind for your patients with ShockReduct, using the latest tachycardia detection, therapy and monitoring tools

Increased Lifetime
Offer your patients the only remote monitoring system that has demonstrated a more than 50% mortality reduction for CRT-D patients, as proven by the IN-TIME trial1

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1. Hindricks G, Taborsky M, Glikson M, et al. Implant-based multiparameter telemonitoring of patients with heart failure (IN-TIME): a randomised controlled trial. The Lancet. 2014; 384 (9943): 583–590