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BIOTRONIK has been a leader in remote patient management for more than two decades and continues to be committed to advancing cardiac care with you.

We have designed our CardioSphere portfolio, with its five solutions, for you and your patients to achieve better care. The featured solutions aim to deliver ease of use, insightful data, digital patient engagement and streamlined data flow throughout the entire patient journey.


The CardioSphere Portfolio Is Designed to Improve Patient Care

Connecting the Dots for Seamless Cardiac Care
Cardiosphere Ease of Use 150

Ease of Use

Our remote monitoring technology is designed for easy setup and low maintenance based on plug-and-go functionality – making it easy to get patients on board for automated data transfer.

Cardiosphere Insightful Data 150

Insightful Data

Once your patients are on board, BIOTRONIK CardioSphere solutions provide actionable insights for alert-based remote care and proactive heart failure (HF) management.

Cardiosphere Digital Patient Engagement 150

Digital Patient Engagement

The BIOTRONIK CardioSphere solutions can facilitate greater digital interaction with your patients, allowing them to play a more active role in their own care.

Cardiosphere Streamlined Data 150

Streamlined Data Flow

CardioSphere solutions transfer and incorporate generated data within the proper context – giving you access to the required data in the right place.

Supporting You Throughout the Patient Care Journey

The CardioSphere portfolio supports you throughout four phases of the patient care journey: 

  • Identify: Facilitating initial diagnosis and determining immediate action needed.
  • Diagnose: Providing the tools to diagnose patients rapidly, remotely and confidently.
  • Treat: Offering a broad range of best-in-class technologies – from IPGs and ICDs to CRT devices.
  • Monitor: Enabling you to monitor your patients 24/7, while remotely collecting and accessing patient information.

CardioSphere Solutions

BIOTRONIK CardioSphere encompasses our proven devices, the reliable BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® platform, and digital patient interaction. It is divided into five solutions – all designed to help you advance workflow automationpatient engagement and early detection.

Remote Patient Management

BIOTRONIK Remote Patient Management​ Solution

The BIOTRONIK Remote Patient Management Solution includes connected implantsBIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system, a secure plattform, and the BIOTRONIK Patient App, a symptoms tracker application. 

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring and Patient App Offers

  • Easy for patients: Patient compliance is essential for effective long-term cardiac monitoring​.
  • Efficient for clinicians: Save time for those patients who need you most​.
  • Actionable for better outcomes: Proven technology for well-informed decision making.1

Key Benefits

  • Reliable data transmission from day one: 98% transmission success.2
  • >60% reduction in all-cause mortality for patients with ICD and CRT-D devices.1
  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring and the Patient App bring rhythm and symptom recording together in one platform.

Long-Term Heart Monitoring

BIOTRONIK Long-Term Heart Monitoring

The BIOTRONIK Remote Patient Management Solution includes connected implantsBIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system, a secure plattform, and the BIOTRONIK Patient App, a symptoms tracker application. 

The RIGHT Data at the RIGHT Time

The BIOTRONIK Long-Term Heart Monitoring Solution is designed to enable you to make informed decision earlier. It aims to help you effectively manage your patients remotely and improve clinical outcomes.

  • 95% p-wave visibility comparable with gold-standard 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) for accurate diagnosis.3
  • RhythmCheck® algorithm reduces up to 72% of false-positive AF episodes saving time in FP alerts review.4
  • 5.5 years longevity allows you to monitor AF in cryptogenic stroke and AF postablation long-term.
  • Automatic pairing of Home Monitoring and BIOMONITOR IIIm after implantation.
  • 98% transmission success, leading to the highest patient compliance and lower troubleshooting incidence.2
  • Symptom data added in your Home Monitoring Service Center (HMSC) for evaluating symptoms in relation to rhythm episodes recorded by BIOMONITOR IIIm.
  • Transmission, battery and device information in the app are designed to reduce clinical call burden

AF Management

BIOTRONIK AF Management Solution

The BIOTRONIK Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Management Solution includes DX ICDs – implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) devices featuring our unique DX Technology, the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system and the BIOTRONIK Patient App.

BIOTRONIK DX Systems Highlights

  • Detect AF early: To identify patients at risk and ensure prompt, appropriate patient management.
  • Monitor AF burden reliably: To facilitate clinical decision-making and, when needed, timely initiation of the appropriate therapy for each patient.
  • Improve outcomes effectively: By lowering the risk of stroke and AF-related consequences.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable detection and transmission of atrial high-rate episodes (AHRE) with clinically relevant duration (for AHRE ≥1 hour, positive predictive value [PPV] >99.7%).5 
  • Correct estimation of AF burden with reliable classification of AHRE episodes by their duration.5
  • Incidence of oral anticoagulation (OAC) prescription onset tends to be higher with DX ICDs compared to standard single-chamber ICDs.7
  • The BIOTRONIK Patient App adds patient-reported data to enable joint rhythm and symptom evaluation and provides faster notification of patient symptoms for quicker reaction to changes in a patient’s condition.**

Heart Failure Management

BIOTRONIK Heart Failure Management Solution

The BIOTRONIK Heart Failure Management Solution includes connected implants, the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring systemHeartInsight and the BIOTRONIK Patient App

Highlights of HeartInsight – Heart Failure Management Solution

  • One accurate alert: For identifying patients at higher risk of worsening heart failure​.
  • One insightful dashboard: For supporting confident decision making​.
  • One step ahead: For initiating a meaningful change.

Key Benefits

  • 66% alert sensitivity, predicting two out of three heart failure hospitalizations.9
  • 42 days' (median) alert time for proactive care.9
  • 0.7 false alert rate per patient year (only one false alert every 17 months).9
  • Low alert burden, with <1 alert per patient year (ppy).9

Data Management

BIOTRONIK Data Management Solution

The BIOTRONIK Data Management Solution includes CardioMessenger, ReportShare and DataSync Adapter, supporting streamlined data flow from in-office visits and BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring to your electronic health record (EHR) system

BIOTRONIK Data Management Solution Offers

  • Automation: Less data entry work for staff​.
  • Centralization: Easy access to patient data​.
  • Integration: Compatible with existing IT setups

Key Benefits

  • Automatic data handling for in-office visits and BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring​.
  • Centralization via BIOTRONIK DataSync to access the data where you need it.
  • BIOTRONIK data sources observe IEEE/HL7 IDCO and the latest cybersecurity standards

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* In patients without a history of atrial arrhythmias at implant.     

** Patient's BIOTRONIK cardiac device and the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system are completely automatic and function with or without the use of the Patient App. Although the Patient App offers great new functionality, its use is additional, not mandatory, to the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system.       


This page may include information about products that may not be available in your region or country. Content on specific BIOTRONIK products is not intended for users in markets that do not have authorization for use.