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Our technologies enable physicians to provide highly effective therapies to patients suffering from cardiovascular and endovascular diseases. In the field of electrophysiology, BIOTRONIK offers state-of-the-art solutions that diagnose and treat patients with cardiac arrhythmias.



Our GoldTip ablation portfolio can make the difference for personalized ablation strategies. With our AlCath ablation catheter family, BIOTRONIK offers a broad range of steerable, irrigated and non-irrigated products. 

Dr. Norbert Klein

Fast and effective transport of energy into the ablating tissue is key to ablation with minimal side effects. GoldTip catheters can create those lesions safely and effectively.

Dr. Norbert Klein,
Klinikum St. Georg Leipzig,
Diagnostics Icon


To support physicians with the optimal solution even for challenging cardiac anatomies without compromising signal quality, we provide fixed and deflectable diagnostic catheters as well as advanced pulmonary vein mapping catheters.

Transseptal Icon


BIOTRONIK offers a complete range of transseptal products for safe access to the left atrium.

Temporary Pacing

The 5F Bipolar Pacing Catheters, whether with a Balloon or without are your choice when basic pacing is required in an emergency situation. These products allow safe, secure and accurate bipolar pacing to support critical procedures.