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    AlCath Flutter Flux G eXtra
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    AlCath Flutter Flux eXtra
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    Quality Elektrophysiologie

AlCath Flutter Flux G eXtra

3.5 mm irrigated GoldTip Flutter Ablation catheter

Designed specifically for treating atrial flutter, this 95cm-long catheter is optimized for ablating the tricuspid isthmus. High-density braiding and the gold tip's lateral stabilization ensure a stable position on the tricuspid isthmus during the whole ablation procedure, leading to fast and effective results.


Ablation Therapy Flutter Catheter Irrigated Ablation Catheters

Product Highlights

Icon Reinforced Stability

Reinforced Stability

Lateral stabilization of tip segment for effective tip-to-tissue contact

Icon Reduced Length

Reduced Length

AlCath Flutter Catheter handling design optimized for especially right atrial tricuspid isthmus ablations

Icon Irrigated GoldTip ablation

Irrigated GoldTip Ablation

GoldTip ablation results in superior acute efficacy and shorter procedure times in treating atrial arrhythmias

Technical Data

Model AlCath Flutter Flux Black G eXtra
Curve Type Black
Electrode spacing 2-5-2 mm
Effective catheter length 95 cm
Shaft diameter 7 F
Curve shape Steerable - FullCircle


Ordering Information

Model Tip Curve Spacing Shaft Diameter Length Order Number
AlCath Flutter Flux Black G eXtra 3.5 mm irrigated Black Black 7 F 95 cm 380 783



Highlights AlCath Flutter ablation catheters
Typical Isthmus-dependent Atrial Flutter EP Talk by Prof. Dr. Thorsten Lewalter, Munich (Germany)

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