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BIOTRONIK has a long history of excellence in product design and performance and adheres to high quality and safety standards. Our lead delivery system was developed for maximum convenience and ease of use during lead implantations.

With its design, Selectra represents a significant advancement in lead delivery systems, providing implanters with a reliable tool to make implantations a success.

Selectra 3D catheters are built on the proven design of Selectra catheters and are made for His-bundle pacing implantation.



Product Highlights

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Advanced Atraumatic Tip Design

  • Round, soft-tip design provides high atraumaticity during CS cannulation, minimizing the risk for dissections
  • During lead manipulation, the high tip stability reduces the risk for prolapse
  • Excellent visibility during system positioning thanks to highly radiopaque polymeric x-ray marker
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Telescopic System with Inner Catheters

The combination of Selectra outer catheters with inner subselection catheters enables direct delivery of Sentus leads

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Ergonomic Slitter Tool Design

  • Integrated lead clip fixates the lead body during the slitting process
  • Optimized blade facilitates easy slitting of both handle and the entire catheter shaft
  • Ergonomic design allows for comfortable handling during catheter removal or continuation of the slitting process in case of slipping

Products Details

Ergonomic handle design

  • The ergonomic handle design allows for a smooth slitting process
  • A Luer-lock connector is added to the proximal end of the outer catheter to support the use of accessories such as the Tuohy-Borst adapter (TBA) or a syringe
  • The design of the integrated hemostatic valve enables effortless introduction of implantation tools such as inner catheters or leads
  • The built-in sideport allows for simultaneous manipulation and contrast injection

Balanced shaft design

  • Reinforced sheath for high kink-resistance and direct torque
  • Perfect balance of stiffness enables good pushability and flexibility for maneuverability
  • The hydrophilic inner coating of the Selectra provides excellent lubricity, allowing for easy introduction of inner catheters, easy delivery of leads and safe system removal

Selectra 3D Catheters for His-Bundle Pacing (HBP)

  • Stable shape, even during longer procedures
  • Nine catheter options (three curves, three lengths) to accommodate different patient anatomies
  • Designed with clinical experts

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