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    Intica 5 VR-T DX
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    Intica 5 DR-T
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    Intica 5 VR-T
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    Intica 5 DR-T

Intica 5 VR-T/VR-T DX/DR-T


For several decades, BIOTRONIK has consistently demonstrated innovation and excellent quality within all of its components. Excellence is at the heart of our mission, continuing to inspire us in perfecting lifelong protection for ICD patients.

The Intica 5 ICD series offers BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®, ProMRI®, MRI AutoDetect, ShockReduct and DX Technology.


Tachycardia ICD Intica

Product Highlights


BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring

Enables remote patient monitoring, including Home Monitoring-supported follow-ups with remote scheduling, for the early detection of clinical and device-related events

MRI Autodetect Berry 95

MRI AutoDetect

Simplifies MRI access by automatically detecting an MR environment and switching the system to safe MRI mode, for a maximum period of 14 days

DX Technology Berry 95

DX Technology

Unique single-chamber ICD system with complete atrial diagnostics in a single lead

Product Details

Simplifying MRI Access
Leading in MR conditional ICD systems by offering optimal patient therapy and simplified workflows with intelligent MRI AutoDetect sensor technology.
ProMRI allows patients to undergo MRI scanning under specific conditions.

Improving AF Management
Earlier AF detection, better informed therapy decisions and continuous monitoring of therapy efficacy with BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring.

Avoiding Inappropriate Shocks
ShockReduct covers all aspects of ICD therapy with accurate sensing, effective therapy and continuous patient monitoring to significantly reduce unnecessary shocks.

Enhancing Product Quality
Several decades of exciting innovation and developing products with outstanding quality, safety and longevity of up to 11 years1 for BIOTRONIK ICDs.

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1. Single-Chamber ICD, Standard conditions, Intica 5 VR-T, RV: 2.5 V/0.4 ms, 60 bpm, 500 Ω; RV pacing: 15 %; 4 max. energy shocks/year; Home Monitoring: ON (daily transmission); diagnostics: ON. Data on file (Calculation of service times).