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Patient App Questionnaire Engage with Your Health Care Team

Sometimes your health care team needs to gain a better understanding of your heart health. You can help your health care team by filling out a questionnaire in the Patient App that consists of eight simple questions.

The questionnaire will be available only when you and your clinic have agreed to use it as part of your remote monitoring process. Your answers may be helpful for the care team to do an initial evaluation of your current health status.

In this way, you can actively participate in your health care remotely.

Patientin nutzt die Patient App

Who Is the Patient App Questionnaire Intended For?

The questionnaire is intended for patients who have an implanted cardiac device, use the Patient App, and are or may be at risk of heart failure. The questionnaire will be available only when you and your health care team have agreed to use it as part of your home monitoring care program. Your health care professional will advise you whether the Patient App Questionnaire might be useful in your case.

How Can the Questionnaire Support My Health Care Team?

Whenever your health care team wants to know more about your current heart health, they will send you a notification in the Patient App that asks you to answer eight simple questions. Your input provides additional information to your physicians and allows an initial evaluation of your health status. When it is necessary, your health care team may contact you for further information. Have a first look at the questions by downloading them below.

How Do Home Monitoring, the Patient App and the Questionnaire Work Together?

The BIOTRONIK Patient App is connected to the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® system. The information about the symptoms you enter in the Patient App Questionnaire is automatically shared with your clinic.1 Now your clinic has the overview of your symptoms in addition to the data available on Home Monitoring. This may be helpful to further refine your therapy or diagnosis. Before you start using the Patient App Questionnaire, we recommend you first talk with your health care team. During this conversation, you can discuss the benefits of the app and the questionnaire for your specific situation.


Where Can I Find the Questionnaire?

The questionnaire will only appear when it has been sent by your health care team and you have installed and registered for the Patient App. The Patient App will then notify you of the questionnaire on your smartphone. Please open the Patient App to find the questionnaire and provide answers to it as soon as possible, since the questionnaire is only available for three days.

Do I Have to Call My Doctor When I Receive the Questionnaire?

No. Simply fill out and submit the questionnaire, and your health care team will decide if calling you is necessary.2

Will My Health Care Team Call Me After I Have Submitted It?

Do not expect your health care team to contact you after you have submitted the questionnaire. They will only call you if they determine that this is the best action. Depending on your answers to the questionnaire, they may also monitor you more closely from a distance and send you another questionnaire when appropriate in the future.

Please note that the Patient App is not intended for emergency notifications. If you are experiencing medical emergency symptoms, contact your physician or emergency medical service immediately.

How Often Will I Receive the Questionnaire?

You are likely to receive the questionnaire a few times a year.

Do I Need the Patient App to Receive the Questionnaire?

Yes. Your health care team can only send you the questionnaire when you have installed and registered within the Patient App.

How Do I Get the Patient App?

Please go here to learn more about the Patient App and how to install it.


1) The app's full functionality should be accessible when the implanted device communicates with the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® system, and your doctor may not always receive your documented symptoms. Please always consult your doctor before using the Patient App or Home Monitoring.

2) Please always follow the instructions you have received from your health care team.

This information is for use only in countries with applicable health authority registrations.

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