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Going Back to Work

The vast majority of heart device patients who work can return to their jobs after a short recovery. How quickly you can go back to work will depend on how fast you recover from surgery and what type of work you are doing. In this section, you will find useful tips and questions you may want to discuss with your physician and employer before returning to your workplace.

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How Soon Can I Return to Work?

You can resume work after some days, provided that you are symptom-free and have a job that is not physically demanding. If you have a physically demanding job, you should ensure sufficient time to recover and heal. Please avoid intense activities such as pushing, pulling or lifting anything heavy for at least six to twelve weeks. Talk to your doctor about the individual approach that is right for you.

Are there any Workplace Risks for Me?

You should avoid devices at the workplace that emit strong mechanical forces or electromagnetic fields. Electrical tools such as drills or saws, or working near large generators, power lines, or radio, television and radar transmitters may interfere with your device or may keep your pacemaker or defibrillator from working right for a short time. If in doubt, consult your company safety officer as well as your physician to discuss possible workplace risks.

Are there Jobs I Can no Longer Carry Out?

Some high-risk jobs or certain aspects of these jobs may not be allowed for heart device patients because of strong electromagnetic fields (e.g. high-voltage plant) or high responsibility (e.g. pilot). Whether you can drive professionally long distances in a car, truck or on a motorcycle is assessed on an individual basis. Patients who sometimes lose consciousness as a result of their heart condition, may have temporary or permanent driving restrictions.

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