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    AlCath Flutter LT G
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    Quality Elektrophysiology
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    Quality Elektrophysiology

AlCath Flutter LT G

8 mm GoldTip Flutter Ablation catheter

Designed specifically for treating atrial flutter, this 95cm-long catheter is optimized for ablating the tricuspid isthmus. High-density braiding and the gold tip's lateral stabilization ensure a stable position on the tricuspid isthmus during the whole ablation procedure, leading to fast and effective results.


Ablation Therapy Flutter Catheter Non-irrigated Ablation Catheters

Product Highlights

Icon Reinforced Stability

Reinforced Stability

Lateral stabilization of tip segment for effective tip-to-tissue contact

Icon Reduced Length

Reduced Length

AlCath Flutter Catheters handling design optimized for especially tricuspid isthmus ablations

Icon LT GoldTip Ablation

LT GoldTip Ablation

LT GoldTip has a higher acute ablation success rate, with reduced coagulation during atrial flutter procedures, when compared to conventional platinum-irridium catheters

Technical Data

Model AlCath Flutter Black LT G
Curve Type Black
Electrode spacing 2-5-2 mm
Effective catheter length 95 cm
Shaft diameter 7 F
Curve shape Steerable - FullCircle
Tip electrode type Non-irrigated


Ordering Information

Model Tip Curve Spacing Shaft Diameter Length Order Number
AlCath Flutter Black LT G 8 mm Black 2-5-2 mm 2-5-2 mm 95 cm 368 997



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