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Steerable Diagnostic CAT

The catheters of the ViaCath family are steerable, multipolar diagnostic catheters for intracardiac application. In combination with a stimulator and recording system, they are suited for functional diagnostics of the cardiac conduction system. They are used for programmed electrical stimulation (PES) and the acquisition of intracardiac electrograms (IEGM).The improved ViaCath product line offers outstanding pushability and torque transmission, high lateral tip stability and excellent signal quality, while setting new standards in efficient and reliable mapping in electrophysiological diagnostics. 


Diagnostics Steerable Diagnostic Catheter 4-, 10- & 20-Pole

Product Highlights

Icon Wide product range

Wide product range

Multiple curve sizes for use in various anatomies

Icon Handling


Rotational symmetric handle platform with push-pull steering



Only two BIOTRONIK cables (MPK-4-R or MPK-10-R) are necessary to connect all ViaCath catheters

ViaCath and ViaCath NG models

The ViaCath product family includes ViaCath and ViaCath NG models with various curve sizes and electrode configurations.

ViaCath NG models represent catheters with 4 or 10 electrodes including different curve shapes and electrode spacings, whereas the ViaCath catheter has a 20 pole configuration and is provided in one curve shape. Depending on the intracardiac location and the required intracardiac signals the appropriate ViaCath device (i.e. number of electrodes, electrode spacing and catheter curve) can be selected by the physician. In general, the availability of various electrode numbers and catheter shapes allow the applicability of the ViaCath devices for highly specific diagnostic objectives.

Technical Data

Tip electrode length 2 mm
Curve types Standard, large, extra large
Electrode material Platinum Iridium (Pl/Ir)
Shaft diameter 6 F
Curve shape steerable


Ordering Information

Model Curve Spacing Shaft Diameter Length Order Number
ViaCath NG 4/S/5 mm Standard 5 mm 6 F 110 cm 351197
ViaCath NG 4/S/10 mm Standard 10 mm 6 F 110 mm 351196
ViaCath NG 10/S/2-6-2 mm Standard 2-6-2 mm 6 F 110 cm 351200
ViaCath NG 10/L/2-6-2 mm Large 2-6-2 mm 6 F 110 cm 358797
ViaCath NG 10/L/2-8-2 mm Large 2-8-2 mm 6 F 110 cm 370309
ViaCath NG 10/XL/2-10-2 mm Extra Large 2-10-2 mm 6 F 110 cm 370144
ViaCath 20/XL/2-8-2 mm Extra Large 2-8-2 mm 6 F 90 cm 351201

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