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    AlCath FullCircle

AlCath FullCircle

4 mm Non-irrigated Ablation Catheter

The AlCath FullCircle series of ablation catheters are available in different electrode tip lengths, curve sizes and FullCircle > 180° deflection. They ensure effective and safe ablations of various cardiac arrhythmias.


Non-irrigated Ablation Catheters Full Circle

Product Highlights

Icon Handling


Precise positioning through push-pull steering incl. AutoLock

Icon Full Circle

FullCircle Deflection

Deflectability beyond 180 degrees through FullCircle deflection

Icon Wide Product Range

Various curve sizes

Technical Data

Curve Type Red, blue, green, black, cyan
Electrode spacing 2-5-2 mm
Effective catheter length 110 cm
Shaft diameter 7 F
Curve shape Steerable - FullCircle
Tip electrode type Non-irrigated
Electrode material Platinum Iridium (Pt/Ir)
Tip electrode length 4 mm


Ordering Information

Model Tip Curve Spacing Shaft Diameter Length Order Number
AlCath Red TC FullCircle 4 mm Red 2-5-2 mm 7 F 110 cm 364 536
AlCath Blue TC FullCircle 4 mm Blue 2-5-2 mm 7 F 110 cm 359 038
AlCath Green TC FullCircle 4 mm Green 2-5-2 mm 7 F 110 cm 364 532
AlCath Black TC FullCircle 4 mm Black 2-5-2 mm 7 F 110 cm 359 037
AlCath Black TC FullCircle 4 mm Cyan 2-5-2 mm 7 F 110 cm 364 528


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