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    BIOTRONIK Patient App


Your Patient`s Companion

With the BIOTRONIK Patient App, your patients can be involved in the management of their condition and actively contribute to their remote cardiac monitoring.

Everyone who has a compatible BIOTRONIK cardiac device and uses BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® can take full advantage of the app.*

The app`s Symptom Diary which is linked to BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring, gives you additional insight into each patient`s condition by comparing symptoms and transmitted arrhythmias.

In addition, the Patient App provides your patient with essential device information as well as support. 


Data & Infrastructure Remote Patient Monitoring

Product Highlights

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Empower Patients

BIOTRONIK Patient App gives your patients new functionality so they can be actively involved in their cardiac monitoring. Now they have tools to inform themselves about their BIOTRONIK devices and learn about their condition and treatment.

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Includes Symptom Recording

By sharing symptoms digitally, your patients can support you to have additional insight in their condition.

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Inform your Patients Digitally

You can refer your patient to device status and data transmission information in the app - accessible without the need to contact you. 

Empower Your Patients and Streamline Cardiac Monitoring

Interacting with your patients remotely has its challenges. Whether it is collecting information about their status and symptoms, answering common questions or even getting in contact with your patient. It all takes time. Sometimes lots of time. 

"The Patient App simplifies our processes and even saves us time.

Being able to check the battery status and telemonitoring status gives patients peace of mind (…)

All in all, patients feel much more involved in the treatment process."

Helge Wuttig

Clinic and Study Manager,

Minden University Hospital,


Helge Wuttig

Product Details

Track Symptoms

The Symptom Diary will bring symptom and rhythm recording together in one monitoring system.

  • Easy-to-use Symptom Diary to record symptoms by the patient.
  • Automatic upload of recorded symptoms in Home Monitoring Service Center (HMSC) for evaluation.

Designed to Ease Clinic Call Burden

BIOTRONIK Patient App is designed to ease clinical call burden.1 The device information displayed in the app answers common questions your patients may have.

  • The app includes latest updates of data transmission success, battery and device status.
  • Guided troubleshooting supports patients to solve simple transmission issues via CM.

Stay connected 

You can send a contact request to your patient with just a few clicks, avoiding multiple contact attempts by phone.

Product Overview

Main Functions at a Glance

The Patient App is designed for patients who have a BIOTRONIK cardiac device and are using BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring

  1. Symptom Dairy to record and transmit symptom data to HMSC
  2. Digital Patient ID with device and hospital information
  3. Message function for a hospital contact request
  4. Home Monitoring data transmission feedback
  5. Latest status of device and battery
  6. Heart rhythm information measured by the device
  7. Education and help functions

Symptom Data Added to HMSC

By having symptom data in your HMSC, you can evaluate symptoms in relation to the recorded events. This may contribute to making data-based therapy decisions.

Compatible Cardiac Devices

The following devices are compatible with the BIOTRONIK Patient App:

  • Edora, Eluna, Enitra, Enticos, Epyra, Etrinsa, Evity 

  • Acticor, Rivacor

  • Ilivia, Ilivia neo, Inlexa, Intica, Intica Neo, Inventra, Iperia, Itrevia


Patients who have BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring can take full advantage of the functionality of the app.

You Are in Control

In the HMSC you can manage several functions of the Patient App for optimal use.

  • You can send out a callback notification to your patient.

  • You can manage the access each individual patient has to the Home Monitoring functions of the Patient App.

  • You can also review whether your patient is registered for the Patient App, as well view the last Patient App transmission.

Patient Registration

How to Integrate the Patient App into Your WorkFlow

Take the following suggestions into account.

1. Assess Patient Readiness 

  • Is your patient adept at using a smartphone?
  • Is your patient able to use an app – or have the support of a family member or friend to do so?
  • Does your patient have concerns about being part of a remote care program?


2. Educate and Assess Support Needs

  • Include the Patient App as part of your Home Monitoring education.
  • Show patients where to find support on the BIOTRONIK website.
  • Include family and friends who can support your patient at home.


3. Agree on a Monitoring Plan

  • Instruct your patient as to when to transmit symptom recordings.
  • Agree on when and how to communicate (via the app, phone or email).

Download and Registration Process

The Patient App is compatible with Android™ 8.1 or later and iOS® 12 or later versions.

Please visit the Apple App Store® or Google Play™ store to download the app. With a few easy steps, your patient can start using the app. The BIOTRONIK Patient App is free to use.

Download the instructions detailing how to download and register the app.


Linked with Home Monitoring Service Center

To allow the exchange of symptom and device status information, the Patient App is automatically linked to the Home Monitoring Service Center. You can adjust the setting in the Home Monitoring Service Center at any time.

Patient App Integrated with HeartInsight

HeartInsight is the first HF management solution to automatically collect patient-reported symptoms and behaviors via the BIOTRONIK Patient App, thereby involving patients in their own care and enabling you to incorporate signs and symptoms into your workflow.

Learn more about HeartInsight here.


Learn how to download and register for the Patient App

Start the video to learn more about how the BIOTRONIK Patient App can support you.
Learn how to collect symptom information configuration options.
Learn how to avoid common questions
Learn how to download and register for the Patient App
Learn how to contact your patient
Learn about the unique features of the Patient App

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Disclaimer and Reference

Your BIOTRONIK cardiac device and the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system are completely automatic and function with or without the use of the Patient App. Although the Patient App offers great new functionality, its use is additional, not mandatory, to the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system.

The BIOTRONIK Patient App is not a replacement for emergency care and should only be used as directed by a physician. PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL EMERGENCY NUMBER IN AN EMERGENCY.

This page may include information about products that may not be available in your region or country. Content on specific BIOTRONIK products is not intended for users in markets that do not have authorization for use.

*The app's full functionality should be accessible when the implanted device communicates with the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system, and your doctor may not always receive your documented symptoms. Please always consult your doctor before using the Patient App or BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring.

1 Seiler A et al. Clinic Time Required for Remote and In-Person Management of Patients With Cardiac Devices: Time and Motion Workflow Evaluation. JMIR Cardio 2021 DOI: 10.2196/27720.