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NHancer Rx

Designed to advance dual guide wire procedures

With its rapid exchange (Rx) delivery lumen and the additional over the wire (OTW) lumen NHancer Rx microcatheter is a versatile tool for dual guide wire procedures. The reinforced shaft and removable stylet facilitate pushability, while its low profile shaft allows for trapping in 6F.


Vascular Intervention Coronary Microcatheters

Product Highlights


Proximal angulated side exit port

For optimal side branch access¹


Braid reinforced shaft

 For improved pushability¹


Radiopaque tip

With true exit port visibility1

Product Overview

NHancer Rx


Technical Data

Dual lumen microcatheter  
Proximal profile  2.6F (0.86mm)
Distal profile Oval low profile design 2.3 x 3.3F
Lesion entry profile 1.5F
Guide wire compatibility OTW lumen 0.014"
Guide wire compatibility Rx lumen 0.014"
Distal shaft coating Hydrophilic
Exit markers 95 cm and 105 cm
Tip design Soft tapered tip

Ordering Information

Ordering number IMDS article number Guiding catheter compatibility Usable length
451669 NRX1413518 5F 135 cm

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1. IMDS Data on File.

NHancer is a trademark or registered trademark of IMDS.

Manufactured by IMDS and distributed by BIOTRONIK in selected countries.