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BIOTRONIK Partnerships & Research Projects

BIOTRONIK Partnerships & Research Projects

PARTNERSHIPS & Research Projects

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BIOTRONIK works together with renowned national and international institutions such as professional associations, universities and industry partners to help advance research and develop new therapy solutions.

TIMELY Project

SIMCor Project

EHRA Training Fellowship

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TIMELY Project
TIMELY Projekt

The TIMELY Project: Preventing Coronary Heart Disease through Artificial Intelligence

Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death in adults from industrialized nations, with coronary heart disease (CHD) making up a high share of these deaths. CHD affects around 126 million people worldwide and its incidence only increases with age. Strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, and bleeding are but a few of the most common CHD complications. To help prevent these, experts with the EU-funded TIMELY project are currently working with artificial intelligence (AI), to see how physicians can improve patient outcomes.


“After a heart attack, it’s particularly essential not to repeat old behavior patterns. This involves changing your lifestyle to include more exercise and a healthier diet. But many patients find that difficult without the right support. After they’re rehabilitated, it can be hard for them to find motivation and structure. This is where TIMELY comes in. It’ll support patients with intelligent digital solutions to improve their health,” says Roberto Belke, Managing Director of BIOTRONIK Germany.

The TIMELY project works to support CHD patients after rehabilitation individually at home. BIOTRONIK is contributing to this process by developing an IT-supported platform together with SEMDATEX and 11 other partners. Patients, therapists, and physicians will all have access to the platform with all relevant health data.

“Telemedicine and AI offer wonderful opportunities to support patients. That’s why we want to help the TIMELY platform through our expertise in digital supply networks,” says Henrik Schmidt, Head of Development at SEMDATEX.

200 patients are taking part in the study, all of whom will be given blood pressure monitors, fitness trackers, and a small ECG patch. Vital parameters are monitored and collected to develop the TIMELY platform.  Using AI, the platform collects all biomarkers for analysis and creates patient-specific risk profiles. From these, the platform can create a tailored prevention model and individualized training program. This will help assure each individual patient that they’re getting the right plan for them to make lasting lifestyle changes. The TIMELY platform will also have a chatbot for answering questions from patients.

The project is slated to go on for four years. At the end of that time, partners plan to have a finished product ready to market—to help both patients and physicians achieve better rehabilitation outcomes.

You can find out more about the TIMELY Project here.

SIMCor Project
SIMCor Logo

SIMCor – breaking new ground in medical technology with computer simulations

Implantable cardiovascular medical devices are some of the most advanced, life-sustaining technologies used at a large scale. Their development, however, remains a major challenge. Computer-based (in silico) methods for development and validation of these devices can help to improve their quality, efficacy and safety, while also reducing time-to-market. In silico methods could improve access to treatment and minimize the need for in vivo studies such as animal studies and clinical studies.

In the EU-funded project SIMCor, BIOTRONIK and 11 partners from eight EU countries, will establish a joint and open digital research and development platform to support device design and validation along the entire research and development pathway – from in silico modeling and simulation to virtual animal and clinical studies. For this purpose, computer models of the heart and blood vessels as well as of the implants will be developed to investigate device fitting, vessel-device interaction and impact on blood flow.

The processes involved will be used on device implants from two representative areas: transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) and pulmonary artery pressure sensors (PAPS). The resource can be used by device manufacturers, medical institutes, and regulatory authorities.

The project will also develop a method for creating virtual patient groups, known as virtual cohorts. These will enable new implantable devices to be tested using a large range of vessel anatomies, pathological changes in geometry and structure, and physiological and pathophysiological conditions such as different disease states and exercise conditions. These virtual clinical trials will help reduce the risk of adverse clinical events prior to starting real clinical studies, thus hopefully providing patients with safer and more effective medical solutions.

More about SIMCor:

EHRA Training Fellowship
European Heart Rhythm Association

EHRA Training Fellowship for Physicians

The European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) is the region’s professional association for cardiologists and electrophysiologists. BIOTRONIK and EHRA offer joint training led by international experts for physicians and other health care workers in the fields of pacemaker, ICD and cardiac resynchronization therapy. The European Board of Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) accredits the program.

EHRA White Book

The EHRA White Book

We also partner with EHRA to publish the organization’s annual White Book, which presents the latest statistics and information about electrophysiology and cardiac rhythm therapy in Europe. Together, we analyze extensive data from 52 of the 56 member countries of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). The reference book also includes up-to-date data about demographic trends and health systems in the various countries.

Learn more about the EHRA Whitebook here.