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Variable PV mapping catheters

The Khelix variable loop catheters, manufactured by CathRX are designed to facilitate electrophysiological mapping of the heart. The catheter consists of a handle and a shaft with a distal-variable loop containing an array of platinum-iridium electrodes for stimulation and recording.

The catheters are unidirectional deflectable and available in either 10 or 20 electrode configurations with an adjustable loop diameter ranging from 15 mm to 25 mm. The Khelix is built with a special safety feature in case of entanglement of the loop in the mitral valve.


Diagnostics PV Mapping Catheter Variable Loop

Product Highlights

Icon Signal quality

Signal Quality

Flush electrode rings for exceptional signal quality. Near zero step height between electrodes and catheter tube reduces risk of burring introducers and electrode malfunctions.

Icon Handling


Unique loop safety release mechanism to escape risk of intra-cardiac structure entrapment.

Icon Various sizes

Various Sizes

Variable loop fits various sizes of pulmonary veins.

0° to 180° deflection to easily maneuver catheter to challenging patient anatomies.

Technical Data

Number of electrodes 10, 20
Electrode material Platinum Iridium 
Shaft diameter 7 F
Curve shape Steerable - variable loop
Effective catheter length 115 cm
Maximum deflection 0° - 180°


Ordering Information

Steerable PV Mapping Catheter 7F Order Number
Khelix 20p 15-25mm Variable CCD0040 461 356
Khelix 10p 15-25mm Variable CCD0069 461 355



Mapping Catheter Extension Cable Order Number
Khelix 20p Extension Cable CCX0006 461 361
Khelix 10p Extension Cable CCX0007 461 360



Animation EP Khelix

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