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Fixed PV Mapping catheters

Map-iT™ is a steerable unidirectional fixed loop PV Mapping catheter designed for pulmonary vein potential mapping in conjunction with the treatment of atrial fibrillation. It features a true 180° deflection to ease access for challenging patient anatomies in the left atrium (LA) such as the right inferior pulmonary vein (RIPV). It maintains torqueablility and stability throughout the whole procedure.

The Map-iT™ is available in a 10- & 20-pole version with various loop sizes.


Diagnostics PV Mapping Catheter Fixed Loop

Product Highlights

Icon Handling


Excellent maneuverability, torqueability and stability in the left atrium

Icon Signal quality

Signal Quality

High definition signal quality and lesion gap analysis for sensing and stimulation

Icon Various sizes

Various Sizes

Array of various 4 F loop sizes to address different patient anatomies

Technical Data

Number of electrodes 10, 20
Electrode material Platinum Iridium
Shaft diameter 7 F
Curve shape Steerable - fixed loop
Effective catheter length 110 cm
Maximum deflection 0° - 180°


Ordering Information

Steerable PV Mapping Catheter 7F Order Number
Map-iT 10p PV12 fix 901641 445 653
Map-iT 10p PV15 fix 901642 445 654
Map-iT 10p PV18 fix 901643 445 655
Map-iT 10p PV21 fix 901644 445 656
Map-iT 10p PV24 fix 901645 445 657
Map-iT 20p PV12 fix 903950 445 658
Map-iT 20p PV15 fix 903951 445 659
Map-iT 20p PV18 fix 903952 445 659
Map-iT 20p PV18 fix 903952 445 661
Map-iT 20p PV24 fix 903954 445 662


Mapping Catheter Extension Cable Order Number
Map-iT 10p MPK 901956 445 675
Map-iT 20p MPK 901957* 445 676

*2 MPKs are required for one 20-pole catheter.

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