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    HeartSpan Fixed Curve Sheath Needle


Fixed curve transseptal sheath

The HeartSpan®  fixed curve transseptal sheath with its braided construction offers curve durability and kink resistance during long procedures. Furthermore, it is designed with a seamless dilator-to-tip transition, to assist with femoral insertion and reducing trauma when crossing the septum. With its multiple curve options, the HeartSpan is the optimal choice for reaching various sites within the cardiac chambers.


Transseptal Transseptal Sheath

Product Highlights

Icon Optimal Visibility

Optimal Visibility

Embedded platinum fluoroscopy marker

Icon Wide Product Range

Wide Product Range

Multiple curve angles available ranging from 15° – 120° in two different lengths

Icon Optimal Control

Optimal Control

Braided shaft and matching curve dilator

Key Features

HeartSpan technical fixed curve transseptal sheath

Technical Data

Sheath Specification
Product packaging contains Sheath, dilator, guidewire 
Sheath inner diameter 8.5 F  (2.83 mm)
Sheath outer diameter 11.0 F  (3.66 mm)
Usable length of the sheath 60  cm
Usable length of dilator 65  cm
Sheath radiopaque marker Platinum band marker
Sheath curve angles 30°, 55°,120° short, 120° long
Dilator curve angle 50°


Ordering Information

Model Sheath Inner Diameter Sheath Outer Diameter Sheath Length Sheath Curve Type Compatible Transseptal Needle Order Number
FCL-160-00 HeartSpan 60 cm 15° 8.5 F 11.0 F 60.0 cm 15° 71 cm 382 364
FCL-160-01 HeartSpan 60 cm 30° 8.5 F 11.0 F 60.0 cm 30° 71 cm 382 365
FCL-160-02 HeartSpan 60 cm 55° 8.5 F 11.0 F 60.0 cm 55° 71 cm 382 366
FCL-160-03 HeartSpan 60 cm 120° short 8.5 F 11.0 F 60.0 cm 120° short 71 cm 382 367

FCL-160-04 HeartSpan 60 cm 120° long

8.5 F 11.0 F 60.0 cm 120° long 71 cm 382 368


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