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BERLIN, Germany
Press Release

BIOTRONIK Introduces New BIOMONITOR IV Insertable Cardiac Monitor with Artificial Intelligence at EHRA Congress 2024 BIOMONITOR IV and SmartECG Enable Workflow Optimization and Personalized Treatment Decisions1-7

BIOTRONIK announced the CE approval and first European implant of its latest insertable cardiac monitor (ICM). The BIOMONITOR IV features artificial intelligence (AI) for false positive reduction. It is the only ICM on the market with premature ventricular and atrial contraction (PVC and PAC) discrimination capabilities,1,2 as well as industry-leading signal quality and transmission success for highly reliable remote patient management.3

False positive detections may take clinicians a considerable amount of time to review. That’s why BIOMONITOR IV features SmartECG, an intelligent system powered by AI and advanced algorithms to reduce false positive detections for atrial fibrillation (AF), bradycardia, tachycardia, and pause.4,5 SmartECG reduces 86% of false detections across all major arrhythmias while keeping 98% of the clinically relevant episodes.6

“BIOMONITOR IV enables me to distinguish between PVC and PACs and clearly report burden over time. The new AI-based algorithm and the Quick View report offer me easy and efficient review, dedicate more time to my patients and their personalized treatment”, said Prof. Gerardo Nigro, Head of Electrophysiology Unit at “L. Vanvitelli” University of Naples, Monaldi Hospital, Italy, who implanted the first BIOMONITOR IV in Europe.

Compared to other ICMs on the market, BIOMONITOR IV offers significant workflow enhancements through increased automaticity, intuitive templates and reports, along with providing valuable clinical insights.1-7 Clinical evidence, such as from a recent publication by Bisignani et al. demonstrates a meaningful workload reduction through SmartECG, resulting in up to 42% reduced time spent for episode reviews.7 The improvements in BIOMONITOR IV with SmartECG are based on advanced algorithms together with BIOTRONIK’s experience, all incorporated in a fully explainable machine learning system for false AF filtering.

“AI and connected cardiac solutions have the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Our latest innovation, BIOMONITOR IV, will propel the field of cardiac monitoring in this new direction. BIOTRONIK was the first company to introduce remote care of cardiac rhythm devices over 20 years ago. Today, we will lead a new direction in intelligent systems that streamlines clinicians' workflow and turns an industry overwhelmed with data into personalized and actionable care”, says Dr. Andreas Hecker, President CRM/EP at BIOTRONIK.

The new BIOMONITOR IV will be presented at the EHRA Congress, which is taking place from April 7–9, 2024, in Berlin. Congress attendees will have the opportunity to experience the state-of-the-art ICM at the BIOTRONIK booth and other upcoming innovations from BIOTRONIK.




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