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BIOTRONIK Employees Donate Over 14,000 Euros to the Arche Berlin-Hellersdorf

A Donation Ceremony Took Place at the Woermannkehre, on January 18, 2024

Frank Busch handing over the donation check

In mid-January, we had the pleasure of welcoming Tim Rauchhaus, the Regional Manager at Arche Berlin, and Miriam Börner, the Head of the Youth Development, to our company headquarters in Neukölln. The occasion served as an opportunity for Frank Busch, BIOTRONIK's Berlin site manager, to officially hand over the donation check.

During the joint appointment, Frank Busch emphasized BIOTRONIK's commitment to the Arche: “As a medical technology company with Berlin roots, being deeply connected to this city is very important to us. As part of our social commitment, we seek long-term cooperations and aim to support local initiatives – for Arche, we’ve been proud supporters for over a decade.”

The majority of the €14,206.50 donation originates from ticket sales to the BIOTRONIK Christmas party, held in December 2023. Additionally, BIOTRONIK management has increased the amount and added the profits from the sale of BIOShop goods. The donations are intended to cover part of the Arche's running costs, which amount to several million euros annually. “Inflation also increases our expenses. And unfortunately, since the corona pandemic, the need for our services has also increased. We are witnessing a growing number of children and their parents seeking our help and support,“ says Tim Rachhaus. “5.6 million families and their children are at risk of poverty in Germany – and the trend is rising,” he emphasizes.

The Arche facility in East Berlin, established in 1995, is the inaugural Arche center. It offers a range of regular programs for more than 300 children and teenagers, including homework support, nutritious meals, soccer training, holiday programs and camps. Miriam Börner and Tim Rauchhaus highlight that the Arche is a second home for many, and a reliable pillar in their lives, managed and operated by equally trusted staff on whom the children and teenagers can rely on. Since the opening of the first Arche, more than 30 other facilities have been opened across Germany and even beyond the country's borders.

With Our Hearts in It

Frank Busch, who also serves as BIOTRONIK’s Vice President Operations for CRM at BIOTRONIK, guided the Arche visitors through the manufacturing and automation site. He provided insights into the production processes of pacemakers and implantable defibrillators, discussed BIOTRONIK-specific innovations such as the first German pacemaker, and explained the vital work contributions of the production team. “At BIOTRONIK, our hearts are in it – with our products we want to improve or save the lives of patients worldwide. With this purpose in mind, we strive to maintain the highest quality standards,” says Frank Busch. This is also fundamental for the Arche team: At its Berlin-Hellersdorf headquarters, approximately 30 employees and 30 volunteers passionately dedicate themselves to their roles. “Our work requires a positive attitude,” says Tim Rauchhaus, who has been working at Arche for over 17 years. “While it involves many challenges, we also witness positive changes every day and see how we can have a lasting impact. As a team, we work together on various topics to find solutions. Positive experience motivates us to continue working with commitment and optimism.”

Four current members at the Arche in Berlin-Hellersdorf were once beneficiaries of Arche’s support in their childhood, including Jacqueline Neumann. Now serving as an educator at the Arche in Hellersdorf, she consistently emphasizes that she would have never been able to master her path—completing school, her apprenticeship, and building self-confidence—without the Arche. Tim Rauchhaus and Miriam Börner often receive visits from young people who have successfully navigated the transition into adulthood with Arche’s support.

Further Collaborations on the 2024 Agenda

The positive experience serves as encouragement for the Arche team to continue and embark on new projects. A significant initiative for the Arche in Hellersdorf this year is the establishment of its own kindergarten on the premises to address the insufficient number of daycare spots in the region.

As Arche relies almost entirely on donations for its funding, it dependents on the support of companies. The Arche staff thanked BIOTRONIK for their donation and the long-term collaboration. “Reliability and planning security are very important in our work to offer children and young people regular programs. At BIOTRONIK, we know that we have a long-term partner at our side – and that’s great,” says Tim Rauchhaus.

Both parties intend to continue working together and initiate further joint projects in the future, particularly in the areas of vocational preparation and training. The next highlight event is already on this year’s calendar: The Arche's annual summer party, taking place on September 6th, will once again be supported by numerous BIOTRONIK colleagues on site.